5 Factors that Homeowners Must Know About Garage Panel Replacement

Garage Door Panel Replacement & Repair

Before, garage doors only have single panels or solid slabs that can be opened and closed. This kind of garage door is not entirely extinct nowadays, but it is not common anymore to modern garage doors. Today, most of the garage doors you can see are sectional doors that have multiple panels that independently tilts so that that the door could be rolled to open or close.

One advantage of a multiple panel door is that a damage to a single panel does not mean entirely replacing the whole door. Even if replacing one panel is an easy job, and average homeowner must still ask for a professional’s help.

If you have a damaged panel, it is important that you think through your actions first. You should determine first whether replacing the panel would be a wise thing to do or not. Here are 5 factors that you must consider when planning to replace your panel or have a new garage door.

1. Number of Damaged Panels

Know that replacing more than one panel may be as costly as getting a new door. For a panel replacement to be financially wise, it would ideally only involve one, maximum of 2, panels only.

2. Availability of Replacement Panels

Before you decide, you need to get a confirmation first regarding the availability of the replacement panels for your door. This would not be an issue if you have a newer version of garage door. However, if your door is outdated, maybe you will not get to find the same design in the market already.

3. The Color and Condition of Your Remaining Panels

In changing a panel, it is important that you choose one that blends in with the rest of the panels. Now, if your panels are faded or worn out already, matching its color with a new panel will be difficult. And if you push through with it, there would be a risk of color clashing. With this, you have an option of repainting your whole garage door, but this will cost you more, which is one thing that you need to weigh against replacing your garage door.

4. The Extent of the Damage

When one panel is damaged, there is a possibility that your door’s functionality would be affected. Or worse, your entire garage door would be compromised. Even if you only find one panel to be damaged, it is important that you call for an expert. You need to ask the experts to evaluate the condition so that you will know what to do.

5. Your Garage Door’s Age

Know that replacing a panel of a very old garage door is not worthy. If your garage door at home is due for replacement for the next couple of years, then, you might as well consider replacing it now. Ideally, it is better to change your garage door earlier rather than to replace one of its panels.

For panel replacement or garage door replacement services, you can trust this job to our garage door technicians. Here at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we assure you that you are with the best team.

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