5 tips to steer clear of snow in your garage

The garage door has become so functional and handy, but it is also an asset that deserves to be well taken care of. Which is why homeowners should be concerned about their garage’s snow defenses. It might have a detrimental impact on your garage and its function as winter arrives and the snow begins to rack up. 

Maintaining your garage clear from snow and ice is absolutely critical due to the possible damages it can pose. As you allow snow and ice accumulate around your garage, the following may happen: 

  • Hardening and cracking of rubber and vinyl. 
  • Absorption of Excess moisture by wood doors. 
  • Bending and misalignment of tracks 
  • Change in the garage door’s weight with resultant loss of balance
  • Motors are forced to lift heavier loads 

What concrete actions will you make to maintain the garage protected throughout the winter? To help you get started on your garage’s winter preparation, here’s a peek at a few snow clearing suggestions.

Only close at a clear threshold:

So when your garage door has been open for a longer length of time and snow or ice has built up along the threshold, remove it before shutting down. if you close your door in the presence of piled snow or ice, the automatic reversal function can launch. Or, worst, it could lock your driveway with no means of unlocking it 

Always check threshold for ice: 

Ice will grow along the threshold when your garage is shut. Once you open your driveway, the machinery will have to work even harder to lift it up from the ice This can result in serious harm to either your door or machinery.

Shovel away snow: 

for snow, the same advice works. Make sure it’s not piling up around your garage door’s threshold. When it does, roots leaves as well as other debris are often included in the snow pile. These can all damage the seals of your door 

Plow carefully:

Instruct them to leave room in front of your garage door if you are availing a plowing service. This may be something they’re already aware of, so be doubly sure they’re helping you uphold the top condition of your garage door. 

Choose weather resilient doors:

pick a good weather-resistant garage door when you can. Garage door technology has evolved to the point that new designs can survive the long winters in some climates. Choose a weather-resistant garage door if you have pretty rough winters in your state.

Get in touch with us at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company whenever you need assistance fixing or upgrading an existing garage door, or acquiring a new one that can endure the harsh winter.

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