All About Garage Door Sizes

If you are looking for a home with the right garage, remodeling your current one, or just planning, you’ve come to the right place. This guide is meant to help with your learning and planning process involving common garage doors. Here are the sizes for garage doors based on how many cars they can accommodate. Please read further for additional information about the garage size that interests you the most:

  • Single Car Capacity:         8 /10 feet wide. Small.
  • One And a Half Cars Capacity: 12 /14 feet wide. Small.
  • Two Car Capacity:           16/18 feet wide. Medium.
  • Three Car Capacity:         16/18 feet and 8/10 feet wide combination. Large.

All of the common garage door sizes listed above are standard at 7 feet in height. Taller garage doors, like 8 foot RV garage doors, are not standard and may cost more.

Small Garage Doors (Single And 1.5 Cars)

Single car garages are recommended for smaller homes. Most homeowners prefer a 1.5 capacity garage door specifically. Single car garage doors can be restrictive for homeowners that favor project development or recreations inside the garage. So, if you can get away with it, we recommend adding the extra .5 vehicle space. With it, you can have an additional motorcycle, workbench, or another piece of equipment without sacrificing the ability to properly secure your main transportation.

Medium Garage Doors (Double Vehicle)

This is the most standardized size of garage doors available nationwide. Perfect to accommodate two vehicles for working families, or for homeowners that need more space for their projects. 16 and 18 feet wide doors are available nationwide due to the demand for this size in every American home. If your garage can accommodate this type of door, this is a safe and cost-effective option.

Large Garage Doors (Three Cars)

These are rarer than smaller garage types, but they are still standardized. The most common form of a three-vehicle garage is the combination of one small and one medium-sized door working in tandem. You could program one door to open while keeping the other closed depending on your needs. While you could buy a single door for a three-car garage, it’s not standardized and may cost you more money in the long run.

We hope this will help you plan out your garage door needs. Keep in mind that deviating from these standard garage door sizes could be costly. (Either through up front purchases, maintenance, or repair costs.) For all your garage door repair, service and sales needs, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is at your service!

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