Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

mosaic templars cultural center

The history and experience of the African American people in Arkansas, much like in the rest of the United States, is a long, storied, and tumultuous one. And it is this exact history that the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, located in Little Rock a few blocks south of the Mississippi River, is dedicated to preserving …

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Old State House Museum

old statehouse museum

The original capitol of the great state of Arkansas, the neoclassical Old State House Museum, located in Little Rock on the banks of the Mississippi, now stands as a monument to the birth and growth of this state. Even now, just under two centuries after its foundation, it remains a central point of interest for …

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One Thai Spa

You might think that a spa isn’t really a tourist attraction that you want to visit before you are returning home. However, if you are a tourist, you should consider going to One Thai Spa. This is more than just another spa in Little Rock. This is a special spa where only Thai massages and …

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Hearne Fine Art Gallery

Hearne Fine Art Gallery is a nationally-recognized gallery founded by Archie and Garbo Hearne in June 1988. It is situated in the center of Paul Laurence Dunbar School Neighborhood Historic District in Little Rock, Arkansas. Garbo Hearne is the director of the gallery and her fascination with art started with her husband, Archie Hearne. Before …

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A tourist visiting little Rock for the first time would most likely be caught unaware with the pleasant surprise that the Arkansas town is filled with. Little Rock, with its vibrant life, has a rich plethora of historical sites and tourism-worthy areas. The immediate difficulty that a tourist might face would be how to visit …


Little Rock National Cemetery

little rock national cemetery

The National Cemetery in Little Rock is an amazing place to visit. It opened in 1866 when the Federal Government bought land from the city cemetery to relocate the remains of Union soldiers from the state to a more central location. The site was officially established in 1868 as a national cemetery. The cemetery is …

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Arkansas Repertory Theatre

The Arkansas Repertory theatre is situated in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is a theater that is still in use today. We don’t always think that theatres are still in use and that there are still a lot of people that are going to these theatres. If you are considering going to Little Rock for a …

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Ozark Escape Little Rock

Ozark in Arkansas city has many exciting places to visit. There are many features that many tourists and visitors there enjoy. The Ozark culture also attracts many visitors to the area. Reviews show that most visitors to Ozark Little Rock enjoy various activities and sceneries. Below are a few things you should know about Ozark …

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The Bernice Garden

Bernice Garden

One of the most unique locations to visit in Little Rock is the Bernice Garden. Combining both natural and man-made wonders, this garden is probably the best of its kind in the state today, and can definteyl compete with the best gardens in America today. This garden was instituted by the great Anita Davis. When …

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What you should know about H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden

For the people who love travel and adventure, there are many places that they can visit while in Little Rock, Arkansas. The H.U. Lee International Gate is one such place. What are some of the things that one can do here? What sort of a garden is it? Well, this is a South Korean garden …

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