Childproofing your garage door

Protecting anyone who comes into contact with doors, irrespective of their age are among the core principles of garage door safety. That being said, Children are the most precious gems of The family. So when it comes to their safety, a heightened sense of awareness is warranted. Keeping them secured requires a clear understanding as to what issues can arise involving your garage doors. 

Several important points are outlined below which will promise a sense of security to a parent, particularly concerning their little ones

Keep the remote out of the child’s reach

The garage door remote is often a valued item for a person, but it could also pose a life-threatening situation. This is because it could be easily mistaken as a toy by a child Which consequently leads to trouble. The danger is not worth the lawsuits and remorse that follow such horrible stories, therefore it is best to err on the safe side and keep an eye on the remote.

Consistency is key

Scheduling routine maintenance of garage doors can minimize The amount of one-time repair of garage doors needed. When it comes to kids, it’s of paramount necessity because neglect in this aspect can ultimately cause serious injury involving an innocent kid. Almost all kids, as they are primarily concerned with playing, can view the garage door as a carnival ride. This event could escalate the issue and lead to serious risk if a spring becomes worn or the track falls out of alignment. 

Keep them away from moving doors

Kids are always astounded by watching a garage door go up and down and feel inclined to hold the door. This can end in san accidents involving squished fingers or palms, which might very well translate to a ride to the nearest hospital. Keeping children as far as possible from the door and training them not to interrupt garage door movements should be a routine activity that ultimately ensures optimal protection from the garage door.

Strategize button placement

The switch that orchestrates the opening and closing mechanism of a garage door may also be another area of curiosity for a child. They usually admire seeing the movement of the Garage door. It is rather wise to bring this button at least five feet above the ground to prevent the young ones, kids, from playing with it, ultimately avoiding any trouble. 

Always upgrade

Most homeowners might be wise to consider upgrading the system they currently possess even before any garage door improvement becomes required. Automatic doors mounted after 1993 provide a security mechanism for any child who might find themselves underneath a door when it closes. Before actually contacting any object or individual that tends to be Located below the garage door’s route, the detectors will instantly roll back the door, which is an enhancement from older versions which only reverses after actual contact or not at all. These doors can be purchased at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and their staff will be happy to assist.

Not a playground

Keeping the garage door closed would, in the first place, prevent an individual or children In this case, from going in and out of the garage. This reduces the likelihood of any young child experiencing the misfortune of being under an open door if at any moment a spring or cable snaps. The devastating consequences foreseen ought to be sufficient to encourage maintaining it closed, as most doors weigh around half a ton. 

Being the Proper Role Model

This is arguably the most important tip that your child is likely to mimic your behavior, and they will eventually follow if you seem to be breaching basic safety laws. upholding all of the above principles and ensuring that as a child is aware of the risks will stem good practices which can grow into a habit

When it comes to garage door safety, there’s nothing hard to comprehend. When garage door repair is done timely, protecting kids in this environment is significantly boosted. Don’t hesitate to call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company if you would like a maintenance check on your garage door or simply want to talk about how to keep your children safe. We provide all of these services and would be more than happy to help. Just call us on (501) 244-3667

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