Commercial Overhead Doors Access Controls

In investing for a commercial overhead door, you will not just have to look on the door solely. Know that you need to know about the different access controls of the door so that you will know the level of security that you will have. In an access control system, you will be assured that your overhead door will have more security and that you will have easier access with it. These allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming traffic while making it easy for the authorized personnel to open and close the door.

Here are some of the access systems that you can choose:

Overhead Door Remotes

360 Garage Door Remote Control - Overhead Door

Like your door in your home, an overhear door operator could be programmed as well so that you can open and close it with a remote. With this, you will not have to go out from your car to have access to your building.


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This is the most common entry system both for commercial and residential doors. A digital keypad allows you and your people to enter the facility without using a key or a card. These are ideal to use for busy and large facilities such as warehouses, airports, and parking lots.

Intercom Systems

Video Door Intercom System Increase Your Overall Safety At Home - video  doorbell

This is like a telephone entry system however, this connects the visitors directly to a point of access, for instance the security guard.

Telephone Entry

IP and Cellular Technologies Have Revolutionized the Door Intercom or Telephone  Entry System | 2015-10-01 | SDM Magazine

This system gives you an overall control as to who you will allow to enter your building. These are perfect if you want to ensure your security and safety. If you own an apartment, you can easily program a tenant name directory in the phone system so that their visitors could contact them directly.

If you want one of these access systems to be installed in your door, please call our technicians. Here at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we have the best professionals that can truly help you with whatever you want.

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