Creative Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door on Holidays

During holidays, it will be your garage doors that can bring delight and give a holiday vibe in your home once you decorate it beautifully. You have to see to it that you never miss to give a holiday scene in your garage doors so that you and your neighbors can truly feel the holiday that is coming. In doing so, you can use some easy to find materials in decorating your garage door but you have to see to it first that you clean your doors thoroughly and you get rid of the stains that can ruin your decoration.

Now, the different and easy materials that you can use to decorate your garage doors are as follows.

1. Gift

You can be creative and turn you garage door into an enormous gift box. In doing this, you will be needing a 9×10 colored tarp, a thick ribbon, a bow, a painter’s tape, and, of course, a ladder. After gathering those materials, you just have to follow these easy steps:

1. Open your garage door and spread the tarp that you have prepared over it with the use of a ladder. You have to make sure that the edges are taped properly on the back side of the garage door.

2. At the back side of the door, tape one end of the ribbon at the center. Then, bring the ribbon at the top of the garage door down the center of the door. After which tape the other end of the ribbon at the back of the door.

3. Repeat the process in the opposite direction with the use of another ribbon. Tape one end of the ribbon at the back of the left side of the door. Then, extend the ribbon across and taping the other end again at the back of the right side of the door. 

4. Tape the bow in the middle forming a present. You can also add some lights or other decorative things to make it more attractive.

2. Mural

You can find a lot of huge murals in local stores that you can hang in your garage door using the painter’s tape. You can choose any message that you like such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hannukah.”

3. Decorative Christmas Tree

You may use Christmas lights to form a captivating Christmas tree in your garage. In doing so, you will need 25 outdoor light clips, 1 green LED lights, 1 outdoor terrace hook, 14 ornaments and ornament hooks, and a bow. The steps that you must follow are these:

1. Look for packaging in instructions in installing the outdoor light clips. Using 3 light clips, form a large triangle on your garage mimicking a tree.

2. For the base of the tree, use 5 outdoor light clips and for a zigzag pattern underneath the triangle.

3. Inside the tree, use another 5 outdoor light clips and form another zigzag pattern.

4. Twine the lights from one clip to another starting from the bottom of the base of the tree to form the base.

5. For the tree to be formed, twine now the LED lights around the clips in the triangle shape.

6. Using a zigzag outline, twine the LED lights inside the tree.

7. Hang now the bow on top of the tree that you have made using the outdoor terrace hook.

8. if you wish to hang an ornament in every light clip, bend the ornament hook in half and hang these ornaments there. As for the remaining light clips, attach it in various areas inside the tree.

See to it that you place these lights near an outlet so that your tree will light up and glow brightly.

4. Magnet Message

You can make use of holiday magnets also for a unique look. With these magnets, you can create whatever message you want to put in your garage or whatever picture that you wish to display. You can purchase these magnets in local stores or online.

5. Snowman

A lot of people will surely appreciate a snowman, and this can bring smile to your face whenever you enter your driveway.

For this decoration, you will be needing an orange and black construction paper, a bow, and a painter’s tape. Steps:

1. Cut 2 giant circles for the eyes and 8 medium circles for the smile using a black construction paper.

2. For the carrot nose of the snowman, cut out a giant thin triangle shape using the orange construction paper.

3. Cut a hat using the black construction paper.

4. Tape the shapes that you have cut in the garage door and form the eyes, nose, and the smile of the snowman.

5. Tape the hat in the corner at an angle and tape the bow on it. If you wish, you can add additional features in your snowman.

6. Projection

You can get a projector and project images such as snowflakes, reindeer, or a Christmas countdown in the surface of your garage door. You can visit any home stores near you and purchase these projectors for as low as $20 if you do not have one in your home.

Surely, once you put up these ideas, your garage will be very merry, and a lot of people will be delighted to see it. But before you start decorating, you have to make sure that you get to have your garage door inspected for safety purposes. You can call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company for services.

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