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You garage door opener at home is not only a mechanical gatekeeper. It is an important component in keeping your home safe and secured. Also, you need to be aware that there is a big difference if you own an old and outdated garage opener compared to the latest one.

In this article, we will be talking about the features of a great garage door opener so that you will know what to look for when you buy one. So, continue reading this article so that you will have knowledge about a great garage door opener.


The average horsepower rating of a residential garage door opener ranges from 1/2 hp up to 1 1/2 hp. For most of garage doors, 1/2 hp is already enough. But you should know that motors with more horsepower run with lesser effort, thus, have lesser wear and tear.

Backup Power

This feature will help your opener function properly in case of any power outages.

Wall Control

 A wall control will allow you to close or open your garage door. Some modern wall controls also include digital interfaces which provide a lot of extra features.


All garage door openers have remotes as its standard feature. There are also some openers that have pocket-sized keychain remotes.

Motion Detector

Modern openers today come with a sensor that sends invisible light beams across the opening of your garage door. The door will then automatically reverse if something will interrupt the beam.

Built-in Wi-Fi

This feature will help you connect your door opener to the wireless network of your home. This will allow you to monitor and operate your garage door by using your device through an application.


Today, most garage openers already come with keypads which you can have either as an optional or a standard feature.

Motor Type

Garage door openers are usually made with DC or AC motors. DCs are commonly more costly but it offers a number of advantages which are very important. These types of motors include a stop feature and soft start, which explains to a quieter opening and closing and lesser motor wear and tear. Also, an option for a backup battery is limited only to DC motors.

Drive Type

Chain, screw, and belt are the three main types of garage door opener drives. The only difference between these drives, according to a homeowner’s perspective, is the level of their durability, noisiness, and price.

The noisiest is the chain drive but this is inexpensive and durable. The quietest one is the belt drive, and this is highly durable and the most expensive. A screw drive falls in between of the two when we talk about the price and its noisiness.

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