Garage Door Maintenance

How often do you really think about the necessary maintenance of your garage door? Not often, right? Your garage door is regularly put in use multiple times a day all year round and happens to be the largest moving part in your home; that means there is some maintenance involved in keeping it functioning at its best. To ensure that your garage door lasts as long as you need it to, you’re going to need to perform a little regular preventative maintenance.

Tightening the Hardware

Your garage door moves up and down an average of more than a thousand times every single year. All that movement causes a lot of vibration and some stress to the hardware, loosening it up. Be sure you regularly examine and tighten the roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench to ensure all the hardware is secured nice and tight.

Lubricating the Parts that Move

One of the best preventative care measures you can take with your garage door is keeping the parts greased up and well lubricated. You’d be amazed at how this simple task can add years to the effective operation of your garage door system. Once a year, using white lithium grease, lubricate the opener’s chain or screw and apply an even coat of spray lubricant to the overhead springs.

Keep the Tracks Clean

You wouldn’t believe the debris that can accumulate in the tracks of both sides of your garage door! Make sure they’re clear of debris and, for extra care, check the plumb with a level. If there are any adjustments needed to the tracks, they have to be done by a professional garage door technician.

Keep a Watch on the Door Itself

You can’t forget to also check out your garage door, itself, to ensure it’s in proper working order. If your garage door is wooden, you’ll need to check it for warping and water damage, first and foremost, as well as peeling or chipped paint. If your garage door is steel, you may need to sand off some rusted spots or prime and paint it. You should regularly wash your garage door with a mild all-purpose cleaner; pretty much every time you wash your car.

It’s important to take proper care of your garage door to both prevent damages to your home and costly repairs to the garage door that could’ve been caught earlier. Keep check on your garage door and how it’s operating to ensure that you catch a piece in need of repairs or replacement as soon as possible to minimize costs and damages. These at-home maintenance tips can help you prolong the life of your garage door, as well as minimize costs of repairs, should something go wrong.

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