Garage Door Materials: A Quick Look at Your Options

A garage cannot be complete without a great-quality door to keep it closed. Aside from
protecting your garage and its contents from weather disturbances, thieves, and everything else,
the right door can add much-needed style to your garage. Your choice of material can greatly
affect both the style and functionality of your door. Here is a quick look at some of the most
popular garage door materials, their most important traits, and why you would want to use
them for your garage.

1. Wood

Wood has been used as a construction material for centuries, and its multiple great qualities
make sure that it never goes out of style. Associated with luxurious homes, using wood for your
garage door provides a very classy look. They are also very durable and provide decent
insulation, provided that they are finished properly. On the downside, some woods are expensive
to acquire, and they can be vulnerable to damage on certain weather conditions.

2. Glass

Glass is another garage door material that is becoming very popular worldwide. Whether used
in its own or in combination with other materials, glass provides a clear view of what’s inside
(and outside). It is also a perfect complement for homes that use a contemporary design. There
are 2 major disadvantages of using glass: its potential for breaking and reduced privacy.
However, technologies such as tempering and frosting have made garage door glass more
durable and aid in keeping things private.

3. Steel

Steel (or aluminum) is a very popular choice for garage doors for practical reasons. They are
relatively affordable, very durable, requires minimal maintenance, and can be painted to just
about every shade that you want. It can also be used in combination with other building materials
to create exactly the door you want. While it is not exactly known as an insulator, various
construction techniques can be used to improve on this shortcoming.

4. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is becoming a very popular garage door material for homeowners all over the world. It
can be custom-made for optimal style, provide adequate insulation for all-weather use, can be
painted to just about every color to match any house template, and is highly resistant to wear and
tear. When combined with other building materials, fiberglass garage doors are built to last a
very long time.

5. Vinyl

Vinyl is a popular garage door option for houses that are constantly exposed to the elements (ex.:
beach houses). This is because this material is naturally resistant to corrosion. While there used to be concerns about vinyl not standing well to UV light, the emergence of UV-resistant vinyl has made them once again an ideal choice as a building material. If you are looking for a durable,
affordable, and highly customizable building material for your garage door, vinyl can be a great

Whether used on their own or in combination with other building materials, these 5 materials are
great options when building your garage door. You cannot go wrong in choosing any of these as
your garage door material of choice. Ultimately, your choice will be decided by factors such as
weather conditions in your home, the type of home design you want to implement, and your

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