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Garage Door Safety

While garage doors may seem like simple pieces of equipment, there’s actually quite a risk of danger involved. You should always leave the repairs to the trained professional, but inspections are an important part of maintenance and help you identify when you need to call a repairman. In this article, we’ll provide you with the top five safety tips you should observe when dealing with your garage door.

1) Be mindful and watchful of children

Garage doors may seem harmless, but they’re extremely heavy objects held up by cables under a massive amount of tension; that amount of pressure could crush, destroy, or kill anything in its path.

It’s crucial that you keep garage door openers aware from children and never let them lay with the remote controls for the door. While most modern doors have safety measures installed to prevent these accidents from happening, there’s always a chance they could malfunction.

2) Visually check your garage door every month

You should visually inspect your garage door each month to ensure everything’s working in proper order. Inspect the cables, springs, rollers, and pulleys for signs of wear and tear.

It’s crucial that you don’t try to adjust, remove, or repair any of the parts mentioned above or anything to which they’re attached. These parts are under a remarkable amount of tension and a trained repairman is needed to handle the job safely.

3) Test the reversing mechanism monthly

Place a 2×4 board, roll of paper towels, or a large cardboard box in the pathway of the door. If the door doesn’t reverse, contact a trained repairman. If your garage door hasn’t been replaced since 1993, you should heavily consider replacing it for one with auto-reverse.

4) Read the Owner’s Manual Thoroughly

The best way to be fully secure with garage door safety is to read your manual in its entirety. Understand how it works and what it’s supposed to look like. The more you know, the safer you can be.

5) Don’t leave your garage door halfway open

If you have a tendency to leave your garage door partially open, you should really try to break yourself of that habit. When the garage door is once again activated, it could finish traveling downward, potentially crushing anything that might be in its path.

Leaving your garage door halfway open also puts you at higher risk of home invasion. Recent statistics have shown that more and more home invaders are attempting to gain access to the home.

Garage doors, though useful, aren’t entirely harmless. We hope you’ll follow these five safety precautions when dealing with your garage door. At the very least, please refrain from attempting to fix any major parts to the garage door on your own. Seek the help and guidance of a trained professional and stay safe.

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