Guide to Making Your Garage Door Safe from Burglars

Security Guide to Burglar Proofing Your Garage Door

The garage is a significant part of your home and a lot of the time it is a good area to store your things that you don’t have any other special place for such as bikes and tools, along with your car, of course. Sometimes we choose to or by accident leave the door to your garage open and it’s important that your garage door is fully secured, since you can get into your home from that door.

Here Are Ten Tips to Help Secure your Garage:

1.      You can start to raise the safety of your home by making an effort to not ever leave the door leading to your garage unlocked, whether by accident or choice. It’s human nature sometimes to forget to close or lock doors behind us, but you should try very hard not to do this with your garage door. If it keeps happening, you should probably have a timer installed that closes the door behind you on its own after it’s been left open for a while.

2.      In order to prevent a robbery from happening, you should also make an effort not to ever leave the remote to your garage door in any of your vehicles, whether while at your house or even while you are gone. If someone steals that remote, they can easily get into your home. You should invest in a keyfob remote for your garage door that is easy to keep up with.

3.      If you turn on a radio in your garage at low volumes when you’re home and especially when you are gone, it can help steer away robbers because they tend to think someone is home. While this method might seem out of date, it is still an effective method because burglaries usually happen when the burglar thinks that no one is home, therefore giving him an easy opportunity. Most of the time, a robber will scurry if they think someone is home. Keeping the radio on creates the illusion of just that, and might be enough to keep them away.

4.      If your garage door has windows, it might be a good idea to cover the windows up with anything of color so that robbers can’t see inside your garage door to see what goodies they can steal. The less they can see, the less the chance they will go in without knowing if it will be worth the risk.

5.      Make sure the emergency release on your garage door is secure. It be easily done for cheap with a few zip ties and a little fast researching to see how the job is done. Usually the emergency release on garage doors is located inside the door, and it can allow robbers to easily open your door by hitting the release with a wire piece, as you would do to get a car door open. If you secure it with zip ties, it will not be accessible from the outside anymore, but will still be accessible from the inside because you can easily break the zip ties.

6.      Have lights installed that detect motion to keep burglars away. If lights come on as soon as they approach your home, it will most definitely scare them away because they will be afraid to be identified. It will also be more convenient for you because you will have the ability to see better when walking around your home, and also see whoever might be walking around your home uninvited. Motion-activated lights will also alert you when someone is lurking around if you know that no one is supposed to be out there.

7.      If you can keep from doing so, you should not have your keypad on the outside of your garage door. Tons of garage doors possess the feature of having a keypad on the outside for opening the garage door conveniently by punching in a code, but is it really that secure? Someone could easily guess your code, or even watch you enter it from afar. With it being on the outside, someone could also easily destroy it or take your batteries out and then you won’t be able to access your door. Just like you shouldn’t keep your garage door remote in your car, you shouldn’t keep the keypad on the outside for safety reasons.

8.      Have a camera installed in your garage, or a peephole in the door leading to your garage door so that if you ever suspect someone is in there, you can see for sure without going in there and risking your safety anymore than you have to. If you have either of the two, or even both, you have the ability and time to make the best decisions about how to handle the situation. If it is dark in your garage, it will obviously keep you from being able to see everything going on, so it would be good to have motion-sensor lights installed inside of your garage so that you can see any intruders. You want all the time you can get if someone is trying to break in for optimal safety and in order for that to apply, you definitely need to have clear views into your garage if someone is breaking in.

9.      If someone does get into your garage, in order to keep your house safe, keep the door that links your house and your garage locked with an alarm system, just like you would with your other outside doors. If you don’t have one, you should have a secure deadbolt installed and always make sure that you lock it up. On the plus side, it will help keep your home insulated when it’s cold outside as well.

10.  Secure the inside or your door to protect from break-ins. If you have an inward-opening door, you should consider having good security installed for it so that it doesn’t get kicked in. Devices such as Door Devil and Armor Concept’s Door Armor are good picks. The same as making sure the door is locked at all times, this will certify that your garage is included in the list of your home’s defense line.

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