Hacks that will keep the Bugs out of your Garage like a Pro

Seal Everything, especially food!  

The thought of keeping food in the garage might sound strange, but storage limitations in kitchen cupboards sometimes make this a reality. While the freezing environments that can arise throughout winter can at least for awhile act as a refuge for cold products, in this setting, most people tend to put nonperishable products. 

Bugs do not care what kind of food is out there, so the homeowner needs to ensure that all things are properly secured. Otherwise, any starved bugs, who can then spawn further while there, your garage can serve as a popular refuge For them.

Maintain dry areas 

Open garage doors may mean that downpours make their way into this place, and that’s why most individuals are making a conscious effort to shut them. Some may also forget to drain stagnant water. In sunny weather, such forgetfulness can be inviting for mosquitoes that can become a menace. Although it may be annoying but being quick in handling any potential areas for mosquitoes, you will have the comfort of knowing that such issues will not thrive.

Plan for a Defense 

It might seem logical to spray pesticides on both sides of your baseboards. The same probably applies to the investing in items like insect traps. Such modest investment will prevent an expensive call for these pests to be eliminated. 

Search the walls 

Bugs, even though the door is locked, could still scour for some means of accessing the garage. If your walls possess a slight tear or gap, it’s can be a gateway for them to gain entrance to your garage. Problematic areas and potentially problematic areas can be ascertained by mapping these walls. Breaking out a caulking gun and filling in any segments that suit this category is the fix for this dilemma. Again, the expense of a caulk tube is nothing compared to dealing with an infestation that requires an exterminator.

Seal Up Things 

You may think that you’re prepared because you’ve already done all of the aforementioned things and more. Nevertheless, if even the tiniest point of entry exists beneath your garage doors, all those efforts could go to waste. That’s because rain water as well as bug lures can infiltrate if a threshold seal is lacking in your garage door. 

This form of seal functions to block the entry of the aforementioned issues and settles the dilemma so that you can continue with your life. These available widely and can be purchased easily, though it has to be installed properly by adding it beneath the door otherwise you’re just burning cash. Which is why many prefer to have it handled by a skilled person.

The best part is that the place to call is Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company when you want your threshold seal handled by a pro!  You can also call us if you need other kinds of garage door services. Contact us at (501) 244-3667 when that time comes! Planning to replace or remodel your garage doors? We have a guide All About Garage Door Sizes cut out just for you!

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