Simple Garage Maintenance Tips for the summer

Summer is the perfect time to undertake some of those much-needed tasks for outdoor repairs, particularly keeping track of the garage door of your house. To ensure the door continues to operate efficiently and securely, regular care is essential. This could also increase the aesthetic appeal of the door and transform the inside of the garage towards a more pleasant setting. 

Basic tips on maintenance 

Your garage door repairs for hot summers typically includes: 

  • Scrubbing: To clear the dirt and debris that has collected over the winter, give the door a good scrubbing. For this task, a blend of gentle car-washing or dishwashing soap mixed with water is optimal. Using a smooth rag, brush, or sponge on both sides to distribute the liquid and rinse thoroughly with a hose. 
  • Rust removal: Corrosion will spread rapidly and wreck the steel door of a garage. To avoid such a situation from getting bigger, rub sand on any rusty areas.
  • Painting: A new coat of paint would improve the look of the door greatly and shield these from the elements. 
  • Inspection: Contract a licensed garage door company’s services such as Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to lubricate the springs, rollers, hinges, and other mechanical components of the door and perform a thorough safety check.

The Garage Cooling 

It can be a struggle to maintain a garage door cool throughout the summer. A cooler garage will have an effect on the comfort of the home and better preserve those things you keep in that are vulnerable to humidity and heat. 

Such solutions for garage door cooling include: 

  • Natural ventilation: Raising any out front-facing doors or windows, boots air circulation within the garage. 
  • Ceiling fans: A ceiling fan provides a cost-effective way to keep the garage cooler and to circulate air. 
  • Dehumidifiers: Using a dehumidifier within your garage will eliminate moisture from the atmosphere and making it feel less “sticky”
  • Air conditioning: The ultimate garage cooling answer is offered by mounting either a window air conditioner or a mini-split model. Your electricity bills, however, would be greater than when ceiling fans are used. 
  • Use a lighter color: Select white or another lighter hue if you plan to color your garage door, as this will reflect heat instead of trapping them which keeps the inside cooler. 
  • Remove clutter: An excellent way to boost ventilation is to de-clutter your garage. To get rid of the useless things and make a bit of extra cash, you could even arrange a yard sale. 
  • Upgrade to an insulated door: It will help prevent warm air from entering the garage by opting for a garage door with built-in insulation usually those made from wood.

Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company will gladly provide upkeep for your garage door and install for you an insulated door that will keep your garage cooler this summertime. For more information, contact us at (501) 244-3667. 

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