How Broken Hinges Can Cause Damage to Your Garage Doors

How a Broken Hinge Can Damage Your Garage Door | Networx

Although they are small, hinges play a vital role in a garage door’s functioning. If these mechanisms break, you will surely experience some difficulty in opening or closing your garage door. What’s even worse is that a broken hinge can seriously damage the entire door. So, before this happens to you, make sure that you inspect for signs of damage and have it fixed immediately.

What Causes Its Breakage

Hinges are exposed to stress whenever your garage door opens or closes, and even more when a car is backing into the door. The best and heavy-duty hinges that you can use for minimal wear and tear are those that were made from steel. These typically lasts for 10-15 years on normal use. Know that hinges that are cheap were made from thin metals, hence would not last long.

Trouble Signs

The first sign that you will surely notice with a broken hinge is a missing or wobbly screw. Well, this is an easy fix because you will just have to tighten back the screw.

Other problems are cracked or bent hinges that were caused from an impact. Or if these were not maintained properly, it could rust, and its function will be disrupted.

Probable Damage to Garage Doors

Whether your hinge is rusty, broken, or loose, make sure that you stop using the garage door until you solve the problem. Know that a damaged hinge can be the culprit of a deformed garage door panel or track guide. You need to have this problem fixed straightaway so that you can avoid extensive damage which will certainly cost more.

Solving the Problem

If the problem concerns a depreciated screw plate, you can try to replace the screw with bolts and nuts. If this does not work, or if the problem is an actual breakage, you might have to replace the entire hinge. In replacing a hinge, be sure that you call a garage door expert as this task is dangerous.

Garage Door Hinge Maintenance

Once you have installed the new hinge already, make sure that you inspect it regularly – at least every 6 months. You need to note for breakage or wear so that you can avoid further damage. Also, lubricate all the moving parts of the garage door to ensure that it works smoothly and will not rust.

If you want to ask for professional services, you may message Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

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