How to Budget-friendly Soundproof your Garage

The garage has always served as secret practice venue for starting bands and performers. The main skeptics of your hobby are undoubtedly friends or fellow housemates. Getting the room soundproof is the greatest challenge. For excellent quality, music studio-like soundproofing, a hefty sum is often required. However, you might be shocked to discover that, at a fair cost, you can soundproof a garage.


In contrast to walls, Windows appear to emanate more noise obviously because they are not as dense or insulated as the walls. However, you still want windows in most rooms for many purposes, including adding natural light and supplying fresh air. In a band garage, you don’t need to have many windows because bands are usually skilled in performing in low-light conditions.  

So sealing off the windows is the first move to budget-friendly soundproofing your garage. We suggest putting bricks in the framework of the window. Constructing a customized acoustic plug is also another practical option. 


It might sound silly, but the noise is captured by window sheets. In fact, the curtains provide a soundproof material that is efficient in trapping sound in its threads. Though it wouldn’t make the garage 100% soundproof, the more curtains you can add across the open room, the stronger the efficiency of reducing the noise trapped. Acoustic sheets and tile perform well for garage walls but it is not budget-friendly. They are designed to absorb roughly 50% of noise. curtains. This is why, with inexpensive devices such as soundproof curtains, you can find most aspiring music studios to create a more contained atmosphere using this trick.


This is the only moving component of the entire garage. When you want to soundproof this aspect, the easiest fix is acoustic or moving blankets. Acoustic ones are made from fiberglass or a product of a similar nature. There are sound-absorbing features in fiberglass. The issue with acoustic covers is that they are sold in big cuts. To split them to size and mount them, you will need some room. If that takes too much time and resources, moving blankets is the cheaper alternative. They are much denser than usual blankets and do not hinder movement either.


If you have forgotten the ceiling, it also requires soundproofing as well because noise also leaks upward. The safest option for ceilings is soundproof tile or foam panels. The foam panels are split into tiles usually put in wedge or pyramid configurations. Foam panels work by minimizing the amount of noise. 


The cement produces a loud echo and the sound bounces off it. This doesn’t have to be expensive, installing an old cheap carpet you find in a thrift store or from the house will do the trick. We suggest getting thicker carpets for durability and more efficient soundproofing.

There are many other diverse approaches to soundproof a garage, but it quite expensive. If you’re a startup team, you’re going to want affordable but productive methods. In order to build a soundproof garage, you also want to talk with experienced garage builders who have the expertise and skills. Talk to us today at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company or call us at (501) 244-3667 and get a free quote!

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