How to Deal with a Sagging Door

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Sagging is observed when your garage door is hanging down lower that what it is expected upon opening it. Sagging of your garage door can be a sign of an unbalanced door. But do know that sagging does not automatically translates to garage door balance problem.

There are times when sagging happens when your door is too old or has started warping. In this scenario, the only solution you could do is to upgrade your garage door. In other instances, sagging is a minor problem and fixing it would be easy. Here are a couple of things that you need to look for in order for you to know the problem better.

Inspect the Tracks

Look for areas in the tracks where its lips are damaged or flattened. Usually, you can fix these problems with pliers.

Check the Hinges

Make sure that the hinges that are in between the various sections of your garage door are tight. If not, you can tighten the hinges with a screwdriver. Know that you need to replace your hinges if it is damaged. You can buy these hinges from any hardware store.

Check the Brackets

Ensure that the brackets that are holding both the rollers and hinges are tight. If you have noticed that these brackets are loose, tighten them by using a screwdriver.

Lubricate the Tracks and Rollers

Lubricate your door’s tracks and rollers regularly by using a lithium- or silicone-base grease. Take note that you should not use WD-40 because this product removes grease, hence, and actual opposite of a lubricant.

If nothing of those works for your sagging door, you may need to call for an expert now. Here at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we can perform some tests to your door so that we will know the exact problem and fix it.

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