How to Make an Efficient and Eco-Friendly Garage

How to Make Your Garage Greener - Biofriendly Planet | For a Cooler  Environment

Each year, billions of people all over the world would commemorate the Earth Day by making a sustainable lifestyle change. Creating a healthy and clean planet could start at your home – and also inside your garage. Here are a few things that you could do to make an efficient and eco-friendly garage.

Fill in Cracks and Gaps

Through the years, garage walls and floors could develop some cracks and gaps because of everyday wear and tear. Though these cracks are small, these will still allow the cold air and heat to escape making the garage less energy efficient. To seal this, you can purchase a concrete sealant or a caulk from any hardware.

Also, you must ensure that the weather stripping of your garage door is in good condition. If you notice that this is becoming loose, or appears to be cracked, contact garage door services immediately.

Use Motion Detectors

Know that the tiniest changes could have a huge impact to your electricity bill and carbon footprint. Install some motion detectors that automatically switch on lights when movements are detected and shuts off when there is none. This will not only keep your home safe from intruders, but this will also save you from wasting energy. This is because your garage lights will never be left on accidentally anymore.

Take a Trip to an Eco-Station

Do you have a lot of batteries, motor oil, or old paint cans stored in your garage? Dispose all of these by dropping it off to a local eco-station. These facilities dispose these hazardous wastes safely so that it cannot cause damage to the environment. By collecting and disposing these items safely, you will get to save the planet. Also, you will be able to organize your garage and keep your family safe too.

Upgrade to an Energy Efficient Garage Door

A garage door that is energy efficient helps in keeping your home cool during summer and warm during winter. To ensure that you have an energy efficient garage door, check its R-value rating. The R-value of a garage door shows how well the door prevents cool air and heat from travelling through it. The R-value is dependent on the type of insulation that is used inside and the door’s construction.  

If you want to upgrade to an energy efficient garage door now, call us right away. At Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we guarantee you that we have the best garage doors for you.

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