How to Measure Commercial Garage Doors

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Most homes usually have those standard-sized garage doors. However, when installing garage doors for factories, warehouses, or loading docks, know that you should have it customized. Here, we will discuss to you how you should measure commercial garage doors.

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Step 1: Width and Height

Grab a tape measure, make sure it is long, as well as a ladder. Measure both the width and the height from the floor to the door opening.

Step 2: Side room

For calculating side room measurements, you will be needing 3.75 inches, as the minimum, for a standard vertical tract, and 5.5 inches for a specialty spring system. Now, if you own multiple garage doors side-to-side, you will be needing 10 inches, at least, between each door.

Step 3: Headroom

You will have to measure between the ceiling and the garage door’s top. A standard spring system will need a minimum of 10 feet while a specialty spring system will only need a minimum of 5.5 inches.

Step 4: Backroom

Measure the space between the garage wall’s back until the opening of the garage door. If you want to install automatic garage doors, you will be needing at least the door’s height plus 18 inches.

If you’re anxious that you might not be able to execute the steps correctly, don’t worry because we got you. You can call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company anytime. Know that we will be more than willing to help you for your garage door needs.

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