Insulated Doors and Their Benefits

If you’ve been in the market for a new garage door, have you considered an insulated door? There are many benefits that these doors provide that make them far superior to the alternatives and we’re going to cover them all.

1) Insulated Garage Doors Save Energy

Many people don’t consider their garage doors having an effect on their energy usage, but a non-insulated garage door can be a real drain on your heating system. Saving that little bit of energy is good for your wallet and the environment and keeping your garage a little warmer is good for your car. There’s no downside.

2) Insulated Garage Doors Tend to Be More Durable

Because of the way they’re constructed, insulated garage doors are far more durable and less likely to dent. This means they stand the test of time better than non-insulated doors, which is extra good news if you have kids.

3) Insulated Garage Doors Tend to Be Quieter

While sound is rarely the deciding factor, this is a nice added benefit, especially if you have a bedroom close to or over the garage. The insulation between the door panels dampens the vibration and sound of the door and dampens the sound outside.

4) It Protects Your Car Better

Freezing weather can cause a lot of damages to your car. It can shorten the battery life and lower the tire pressure, among other things. An insulated garage helps protect your car from both the elements and the freezing temperatures.

5) Increased Warmth and Added Convenience

Have you ever stepped into a garage in winter and feel like you walked outside? Insulated doors keep your garage warmer, which is more convenient for you and makes it more tolerable to be in your garage.

If you’re looking for a new garage door, we highly recommend that you look into insulated doors. They can reduce your energy usage, lower your energy bill, and keep your garage a more comfortable temperature.

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