Keep Mice Out of Your Garage

One of the most common household pests that infiltrates and causes troubles to homes and garages are the mice. These pests will usually chew up your personal belongings, eats food that are unattended, and leaves behind unsanitary droppings that will certainly disgust you.

The best way that you can do to keep these mice away from your house is to make sure that you keep them away from your garage most especially if your garage attaches to your house. Below, we will discuss briefly why these mice are drawn to garages and how you can keep them away.

Reasons why mice choose to enter a garage

Commonly, mice look for buildings or places where they can attain resources for them to maintain a mouse nest, and these resources that they are looking for are the following:

  • Food. Mice eat anything that contains grain including dog food which is commonly stored in a garage.
  • Hiding place. Dark, small, and dry places are usually the areas that are being preferred by mice. You must secure your containers or unused car engines in your garage for these are the common things that mice look for.
  • Nesting material. Mice usually chew up cardboards or papers for their nesting area because these materials provide insulation to them. So, if you have these materials in your garage, make sure that you keep it properly.
  • Warmth. It is during cold weather season wherein these mice look for a shelter so that they will remain comfortably warm and your garage is a perfect place during these times.
  • Water.  Even if mice do not like to stay in damps areas, they still look for a place where they could find food and water around.

Even if these mice infiltrate almost all buildings, they will still prefer to enter garages because this is the area where there are fewer people and lesser lights. So, when your garage is left alone with a lot of great resources for mice to live in, then maybe you can presume that your garage has infestations already because these mice reproduce quickly.

Things you can do to keep your garage free of mice

Keeping a mice-free garage can be quite exhausting, so if you are living in a field or someplace where there is a huge vacant lot or a building that is unoccupied, you better take precautions and see to it that you follow these safety measures so that you can keep these unwanted pests out of your garage.

  • Eliminating of desirable resources

Clean and always organize your belongings in your garage. You must make sure that you will not leave any food behind unless it is secured in an airtight container. Take note also that using of plastic bins in storing some of your items is better that using a cardboard box.

During winter, it will be great if you keep your garage chilly so that these mice will not be enticed with the possible warmth your garage can offer.

  • Closing of access holes

Take time to inspect your garage for any holes or cracks in the walls for these mice can fit even in a small hole. Seal any cracks that you will see in your walls or floorings immediately and make sure that you will use a material that a mouse cannot chew up.

  • Improve your garage door

Although most mice usually enter through the walls, some of it also enter through your garage doors. Hence, it is important that you take care of your garage doors and do a maintenance check occasionally to make sure that it is not vulnerable to these pests.

The most important thing that you must pay attention to in your garage door is the weatherstripping underneath because a determined mouse can chew this up. Moreover, make sure that your doors close properly and that it responds to your controls appropriately too.

  • Use of scent deterrents

A mouse uses its sense of smell to judge whether an area is a good hiding place or not. Once your scent stays in your garage, these mice will surely not attempt to go inside because they will smell humans in it. So, make sure that you visit your garage often.

In addition to that, you can also use stronger deterrents such as peppermint oil or mothballs. Place these scents in all possible access points that you can see around your garage. This will be very helpful because mice navigate through there nose, hence, they will find your garage unappealing.

  • Use traps

Using traps is very common today most especially if the garage has a lot of vulnerable areas. So, if you use a toxic trap or anything that is spring-loaded, see to it that you take extra precaution and keep your child or pets away from it.

If there is a current mice infiltration in your garage, make sure that you contact for a pest control services that they can give you necessary advices on what actions you must take. And if you want to make sure that your garage is well maintained and invulnerable to mice infestations, contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

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