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A lot of people think that the weakest link to your home’s security is your garage door. But that was before. Today, latest garage door openers have latest features so that it can offer utmost security to the homeowners.

With that, you should be aware of these advancements so that you will have an idea of whether you are in line with modernity or not. When talking about a garage door lock, we usually refer this to a garage door remote and opener operating system. Here are some of its samples.

Encryption Technology

This technology is not a lock, instead, this is a strong security advantage that matches a deterrent. This type of feature can change the code of your door with every click of your remote to prevent hacking or tracking. Moreover, know that this ensures that codes that are stolen will be useless already so that intruders cannot enter your home.

Electronic Locks

This lock monitors forced entries electronically and this is intended already to work with a door opener’s locking feature.

Automatic Deadbolts (Power Locks)

This is an addition that you can install in your door so that you will have extra security.

Are you looking for a lock that you can use to upgrade your door’s security? Message Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and request for a free quote.

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