Protecting Garage Door Openers Against Power Surges

How A Power Outage Affects Your Garage Door | D & D Garage Doors

Have you ever paused for a moment and wondered how important your garage door opener is? For sure you do not. Just like most people, you are probably just anticipating that this mechanism will keep on performing its job. However, know that when something happens to this, especially when you are in a rush, you will surely be disturbed. If you notice that your door opener is starting to work erratically, or worse, it stops, know that this may be due to a power surge. So, what is causing this problem and how do we deal with it?

What is a Power Surge?

Power surges, or voltage spikes, is an unexpected increase of electricity in electric lines. This is due to different reasons such as power outage, electrical storm, or from your appliance that requires heavy demand. Whatever the cause may be, know that this electric overload can seriously harm a lot of sensitive electronic equipment. Some of this equipment is your security alarm system, computer, or garage door opener.

Safeguard the Electrical System of Your Home

Luckily, you can prevent or redirect power surges before it could cause major damage. Now, if the building that you are living at has been built prior 1960s, make sure that you have your electrical system be inspected. Make sure that it is grounded properly and that it passes the latest standards of safety.

Periodically check the cords of the appliances and the plugs for wear, fraying, or looseness. You can also insert individual outlet surge suppressers on areas where you think it is need. Or you can hire an electrician and have them install a whole house surge protector to upgrade the main circuit panel.

Check with your garage door opener manufacturer if your opener model needs a particular type of protector.

Troubleshooting Guide for Garage Door Openers that are Affected

If your garage door opener gets affected by the power surge, know that it may not cease working completely. Instead, you will get to notice unusual occurrences. The remote and keypad may no longer function, or the opener may occasionally lose its function.

Even if you can still use your door opener, be sure to contact your trusted garage door service provider immediately. Make sure that you have your garage door opener repaired immediately to avoid further damage. If you do not know any garage door service provider, you can call us instead. Visit Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company or you may call (501) 244-3667.

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