Real Timber vs Timber-look Garage Doors

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Everybody loves a timber garage door because of its lovely texture and rich color that adds beauty to one’s home. However, most of you are probably wondering if you should opt with a real or a faux timber garage door. Each of these garage door materials has its own pros and cons and we will discuss this to you in this article.


Real timber garage doors are aesthetic and beautiful hence, it comes with a great expense. Know that opting to purchase for a real timber door will cost you more compared to purchasing a timber-look door. Also, the real timber door will require a strict maintenance. On the contrary, timber-look doors does not cost too much. This means that you can have a budget-friendly garage door that has identical design and appearance to its natural counterpart.  


It is not a secret anymore that termites love wood. Hence, your real timber door would be prone to pest infestations especially if you do not take care of it. However, timber-look doors are pest-resistant. This means that you will not ever worry about damages caused by pest infestations.


Too much exposure to heat and water can naturally cause warping and rotting to wood. Even if you give your best efforts to prevent this from happening, know that your wood door would warp or rot over time. But with a timber-look door, you will not have to worry about these things. And if your timber-look door is properly maintained, know that this could work smoothly for you from 15-30 years.


A real timber garage door will require a lot of maintenance. This is because through time, different elements would cause the wood to fade and its texture to become crooked. Because of this, you will need to schedule for a regular maintenance so that you can keep the beautiful appearance of a wooden door.

On the other hand, timber-look or faux wood doors are made from different materials, hence are not prone to fading and damage. The only maintenance that you will need to perform in this kind of door is its regular door maintenance.

For maintenance services or for inquiries regarding different garage door materials, you can contact us. Just message Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and we will be glad to answer your inquiries.

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