Rock Town Distillery

Nestled in the downtown of Little Rock, the Rock Town Distillery is the first legal distillery in Arkansas since the time of prohibition. It is an artificer craft distillery, which uses grains from Arkansas to prepare award-winning spirits. Their grain to glass spirits is distilled from wheat, rye, and corn which are cultivated within an area of 125 miles of the distillery plant. The distillery has a great passion for distilling pure and one-of-a-kind spirits by giving proper dedication to the craft as well. Phil Brandon founded this great distillery in 2010, and till now it has won many international awards for producing ultimate spirits. You will be delighted to know that their tasting room offers delicious hand-crafted cocktails as a complement, which features Rock Town’s spirits. Some of their award-winning products are available in the states of Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Illinois, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, DC, and Washington. So, this is the place which should not be missed by any spirit enthusiast. It is assured, no matter when you visit here you will definitely going to have a fantastic time at Rock Town Distillery. I personally enjoy taking time off my garage door repair biz to go enjoy a few beverages 😉