Rules to Keep Your Kids Free from Garage Door Injuries

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If you have kids at home, you will surely want to keep them safe, right? Now, you should know that with garage doors, there are surely instances where the safety of your kids will be put at risk if they are not careful. So, in this article, you will get to learn some dos and don’ts so that you can safeguard the safety of your kids.

Do Keep Their Fingers Away from A Moving Garage Door

A great number of people, most especially the kids, pinched their fingers in a garage door ever year. In fact, this is the top garage-door-related-injury.

So, if you have little kids at home, you must consider having a garage door that is built with a protective part for the kids. These types of garage doors have incorporated extra precautions so that the kids will be kept safe.

However, even if you have the safest garage door at home, you still cannot prevent an injury if your kids will not listen. So, you need to always remind your kids that they should never touch the rollers and tracks, or the whole garage door.

Do Schedule A Planned Maintenance

To keep the shape of your garage door, it is important that you keep a regular maintenance. In doing this, the garage experts would conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that your garage is safe. They will test your door’s balance, auto-reverse functions, and sensors to ensure that you can still rely on these components. So, call for garage experts and ask them to have a scheduled maintenance for your garage door.

Do Keep the Remotes Out of Reach

Kids usually love to play with buttons, especially those that are from a remote. You should see to it that your kids will only play with remote control cars and not with a garage door remote. The door is a very heavy mechanical force that you will surely not want to crush your kids. So, even if your garage door has photo eyes and auto-reverse mechanism, you should still not rely on them. You need to make sure that you will never let your kid get ahold of the remote before it is too late.

Do Not Run Under A Moving Garage Door

A lot of kids are fond of playing with the garage door button and run under the door while it closes. What they do not know is that worn out springs or cables can cause severe injury as this may cause the garage door to shut down instantly. This is usually the case if your garage door is old or if you have an unbalanced garage door.

Know that garage doors weigh over 300 pounds and when this crushes you, you will surely suffer from severe injuries.

Do Not Let Your Kids Hang Off the Door

It is not safe to hang from garage doors most especially if the door is moving. This will give additional strain to the door’s springs and cables. As a result, doing so could cause collapsing of the door with no warning. Also, know that an unbalanced door could get away from its tracks or it could close suddenly. And for sure, you will not want to your kid to be in the way when this happens.

If you have garage door balance problems or any problems, have it inspected by the experts. Here at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we can help you check for any problems your garage door may have and fix it for you.

To add more safety and security to your home and garage, know the Latest Codes and Locks.

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