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The Types of Garage Door Openers

When it comes to choosing the right type of garage door opener for your home, it can be a little tricky. Luckily, the experts at Direct Service are here to guide you through the process. First, it’s important to understand the three main types of garage door openers: belt drives, chain drives, and screw drives. The main difference among these models is the type of rail system that is attached to the ceiling in your garage.

  • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers: This type of garage door opener is defined by the long chain that extends the length of the track and does the bulk of the pulling. This device is usually paired with a basic 1/2 HP motor for a reliable performance. The primary drawbacks of a chain drive are particularly high levels of noise and vibration, so these are the opener of choice for detached garages. Of course, simple chain drives are available with varying levels of torque and lift capabilities, so we are happy to help you find the model that fits your needs.
  • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers: Instead of the chain we mentioned above, a belt drive sounds just like what it is – a rubberized belt that attaches to the rail of the garage door. The simple belt is reinforced with steel for durability and offers quieter, smoother operation. If you choose a belt drive, then you want a garage door that produces as little noise as possible. The DSO Garage Door team will pair a standard belt drive opener with a high-tech DC powered motor (3/4 HP) for maximum power capacity and ultimate noise reduction. With smart-stop technology and back up battery power, our finely crafted rail-motor combinations give you the highest standard in garage door technology.
  • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers: Finally, the screw drive garage door opener uses a long corkscrew-like pin that rotates inside the rail. Years ago, screw drive openers were popular among manufacturers, but they have recently gone out of style in favor of more efficient models (like those listed above). The device’s spinning action obviously resulted in major friction problems and quickly degrading parts. As a result, we currently do not recommend any screw drive operators for new installations, but we can still service or repair existing ones.

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Common Garage Door Opener Problems


Gear and sprocket kits are a very common problem with chain driven garage door openers.

The gear itself can strip, causing the motor not to move. Also the sprocket on top can begin to shift forward or break off completely. These problems are caused by unnecessary stress from your garage door. Running a door with a loose chain or a damaged sprocket is not recommended.

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Garage door openers can suffer from a range of electrical issues as well. Much like the gear kit, electrical problems are caused due to stress from the door. Lightning is another way boards can suffer damage. Electrical includes logic boards, remotes, sensors, etc.

Liftmaster Specials


In some instances, due to age or availability of parts, openers have to be replaced as opposed to repaired. Here are some of the openers we offer.

Every opener we offer is My Q capable. This feature gives you the ability to control your garage door with your smart phone from anywhere in the world. Ask your technician for more information. My Q Internet Gateway sold seperately.

Lost your remote or just want an extra one? No Problem. We sell remotes and can program to any opener that is UL-325 compliant. Call now for more info.

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