Signs for a broken garage door spring

One of the most common things that are breaking with garage doors is the garage door spring. And, if you don’t repair it as soon as possible, you might end up with a door that is becoming dangerous. The moment that you know these signs, you will know for sure that this broken garage door spring needs to be repaired immediately. These are the most common signs for a garage door spring that is broken.

The door won’t fully raise

You can’t understand it, but the garage door doesn’t raise fully. Suddenly you are starting to get your vehicle in the garage because the door can’t open completely.

This is normally the first sign that there is a spring in the garage door that is broken or that is starting to break. This might be the time to consider repairing the door and call in the garage door service.

Garage door closes too fast

When you are using the remote control to close the door, the garage door closes too fast. It almost seems that it is shutting down to close faster. This isn’t the remote control that has a problem. It’s the broken garage door spring that is breaking, or that needs repairs.

When the garage door is closing too fast, it can cause some serious damage to the garage door. It might even fall on someone or on your vehicle if you aren’t careful. This is why you should make sure that you are going to get the door repaired as soon as possible.

A snapping noise when you opening the door

You open or even close the garage door. The next moment you hear a snapping noise, coming from the garage door. The only thing that this can be is a spring in the garage door that has snapped. Meaning it has broken off, and you need to get it repaired immediately.

Don’t wait too long, because you will not really know how serious the spring was to keep the garage door open. You don’t want the door to damaging even further or cause damage to your vehicle.

The one side is going up and down faster than the other side of the door

The one side of the door is higher or lower than the other side. This is a sign of a spring that needs repairs or replacement. This can become dangerous because it is putting a strain on the other spring. Causing the door to shut unevenly. This can be a risk to thieves or it can cause an injury if the other spring breaks down as well.

The moment that you have a broken garage door spring, you should replace it. This is because this can cause damage to your vehicle or injury when the garage door doesn’t work correctly anymore. The spring is one of the most important parts of a garage door, and it needs replacement if it wears out.

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