Styles of Garage Doors

Styles of garage doors

A garage is one of the main features of a modern home. This is a space that should be well styled is at all you want to end up with a remarkable finish for your façade. Most people tend to overlook the type of garage doors they fit on their buildings ignoring the fact that it can completely transform the outlook of your home if well chosen. So far there are four main types of garage doors. With these, you can complement your home and give it an admirable finish that will leave your building with a chic look.

Carriage door style

This is among the most common garage door styles there is in the market. They are known as carriage because they mimic the doors that were found on the old carriage houses. These doors swing open thus adding that carriage vibe to the home. They are usually unique and very popular in different parts of the world. You can always pair them with craftsman, Georgian Colonial, Neoclassical, Prairie and townhouse home styles among many others. Traditionally, carriage doors required someone to swing them open before entering or exiting the garage but thanks to technology, they can now do that on their own due to automatic openers embedded in them.

Traditional garage doors

Traditional styled garage doors are known to add that ancient feel to your home design. The best part is that nowadays the doors can be customized to achieve a modish look thus fitting any home design. These doors tend to open by a roll-up mechanism where you will find a horizontal panel that has been hinged rolling up on overhead tracks. The mechanism is usually spectacular. These doors are known to blend well in most house styles like Greek revival, Italianate, Townhouse, Victorian, Mediterranean and Tudor among many others.

Contemporary styled garage doors

If you’re in search for a garage door that will blend well with your modern home design such Art deco, Townhouse, Mid-Century modern or Oriental then what you need is contemporary style garage doors. This door design can be customized with different materials to achieve a modish look that is both appealing and very efficient. It is an incredible way of keeping your home updated in terms of style and glamor. This design features high-tech materials that will definitely add style to your home.

Raised panel doors

Raised panel garage doors have become standard garage door designs. It is fitted in most garages because most people think of it as the only choice they have in case they want classic garage doors. What makes this design very popular and the number one choice is because you can achieve it using any material you like be it wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel. It also blends well with most house designs such as Dutch, Colonial, contemporary, Townhouse, Modern and ranch.

When choosing a garage door style, you should make sure that it fits your home design. Consider the color, the material used and the space available. The above door styles are the main types in the market, and they all come with different capabilities. Most of them will fit any house design and add a chic look to your façade.

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