The Average Cost for Repairing Garage Door Springs

What Will it Cost You to Have the Springs on Your Garage Door Repaired?

Just like most things, your garage door springs will eventually start breaking and will need to be repaired or even replaced. Most of the time, it will cost you around $101-$201 to have them repaired. If the need to completely replace them arises, the average cost to replace them will be around $21-$31 for the springs themselves and around $181 for the labor. How do you know whether to replace your springs or just have them repaired? Below are some things you can look out for to help you make a decision.

·        Screeching or outrageous sounds: If you are hearing squeaking or unusual noises when moving your garage door, this usually means that your springs are wearing out. This can easily be fixed will lubricant application to your springs. If this doesn’t fix the noises, call a professional garage door company to check out your door and determine whether your springs will need to be replaced or not.

·        Issues with the balance of your door: If you notice it getting harder to open or close your door, it is likely that your springs are off balance. It is important that you get them refitted by a professional soon because if not, more of your door parts will start to break.

·        You don’t have any safety cables: A lot of doors use torsion coil springs versus extension springs, but if your door uses extensions, safety cables are a must for your door. A broken spring can end in your door falling while in use, and safety springs prevent this from happening, so be sure to have those put in immediately.

·        Damaged springs: You will need to get all new springs for your garage door if your old one’s break.

After your garage door springs have been repaired, it is important that you continue to apply plenty of lubricant to them so that they don’t get too tight and begin to function improperly. When too much tension is present in your garage door, it raises the chances of your springs breaking in time.

It is also important to keep your springs tuned up often to ensure that your garage door stays in working order and to prevent any safety hazards. Normally, a tune up consists of making sure that the door isn’t wobbly, meaning it is off balance, and ensuring that your springs aren’t squeaking. You will need a professional garage door company with experience to do this correctly.

Here is what a broken torsion spring looks like.

Important Information About Garage Door Springs That You Should Know

It is important to know the basic information below if you are having your garage door springs repaired:

·        Springs are an important part of garage doors.

·        Springs will last for a while.

·        Springs are the part of the door that is most likely to break.

·        There is more than one type of springs.   

·         Extension springs

·         Torsion coil springs

The average cost for new garage door springs is around $21-$31. The cost to have either type of springs installed varies by the amount of work that is needed to get the job done and the professional that you hire. Replacement can cost you up to $181.

The Correct Way to Fix Garage Door Springs

Springs on a garage door are constantly under heavy tension, and this can pose a safety hazard to you and your hands while you attempt to repair or replace them. This is why it is important to hire a professional to safely take care of most of the work. If you are positive of your ability to do some of the minor work though, take it on. Below are some minor repairs you might be able to take care of yourself:

·        Lubrication of the springs

·        Adjustments to the tension of the springs if your door is off balance

·        Securing any nuts or screws surrounding the springs that might have come loose

·        Examining the feed for the cable surrounding the springs

There are also a few risks that can arise when taking on DIY garage door repair projects, such as:

·        Finding someone to sell you the springs and accessories that you will need for the job

·        Choosing the correct springs to replace yours with

·        Getting yourself stuck on the outside or inside of your garage door

When is it Time to Hire a Professional?

When the need to replace or repair your garage door springs is present, it is usually best to consider hiring a professional with experience to do the dangerous work. Here is the process a professional will go through to replace your garage door springs:

·        Stop power flow to your garage door in order for it to not staring moving either up or down while working on it. This also prevents fingers and hands from getting stuck in the springs while replacing.

·        Measure the current door springs to ensure that the old and new spring sizes match up.

·        Let down the current extension springs and ensure that there isn’t anything around the door while this is happening, being that the door will also lower.

·        Put in the new door springs and make sure the screws are tight, and examine the door to ensure that the springs are lubricated and balanced thoroughly.

·        Wind up the springs and make sure the door is ready to start moving again

·        Apply lubrication to the door to ensure that it can move easily with its new springs.

·        Give power back to the door and test out its new springs.

It will definitely be a more easy and safe option to contract out your garage door repairs to a professional garage door company. It can be dangerous to remove or repair garage door springs yourself, if you don’t have the training and equipment that professionals do to safely do the job. Minor repairs such as lubrication the springs might be okay for you to do but for any bigger jobs, you should always hire a local professional.

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