The New LiftMaster’s WLED Garage Door Opener

See Your Garage in An All-New Light with the LiftMaster WLED Garage Door  Opener with Corner to Corner Lighting™ - Cerebral-Overload

Finding for the right garage door opener to use for your home is a difficult task given that you have a variety of options today. Whether the purpose of your garage is for parking or your home’s interior extension, a garage that is well-lit is truly a must for a more comfortable space.

LiftMaster’s WLED Garage Door opener is operated with a DC battery. This opener showcases an extra-bright LED light source to make sure that all corners of your garage will be lit brightly. Read on so that you will know the available features of the new WLED model.

Wi-Fi and Smartphone Connectivity

Other than its powerful illumination, this model has a built-in Wi-Fi so that you can easily connect it to the network of your home. You can use your smartphones with this so that you can close, open, and be notified for any activities from your garage door. By using the MyQ mobile application, you can control your door opener wherever you are. Also, you can set a schedule on this app so that your garage door will close and/or turn the light off/on every day.

Supreme Security and Safety

A lot of homeowners have fears that someone might break into their garage. But this is not a concern with WLED door opener. This opener receives a safety or secure code whenever its remote is clicked. With this feature, it ensures that nobody can hack through the system and gain access in your garage.

Powerful Performance

This model is enhanced with long-lasting LEDs that can deliver up to 3,100 lumens, emulating a real daylight. This door opener also ensures a smooth and quiet operation with belt drive and DC motor system. Even though there’s a room above your garage, you won’t have to worry about the noise the door will make.

This opener has a stop/start operation which ensures smooth starting so that the lifespan of the opener will be prolonged. With this, your maintenance cost will also be reduced through time. The best feature that this opener has is that it will still function even if there is a power outage. With this, you can still use your garage without any worries.

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