Tips in Maintaining A Concrete Garage Floor

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Garage floors see plenty of dust and traffic hence it could be left looking worn-out. From grime and mud to oil stains and rust, maintaining the cleanliness of your garage floor can be a tiring task. Luckily, a standard concrete floor is an easy one to care for. You just need to commit to a cleaning routine with preventive maintenance. With this, you can keep your garage floor look like new for a couple of years to come.

1. Sweep it Clean

The simplest way to maintain your concrete floor is to sweep it so that it would be free of debris and dirt. Occasionally, sweep thoroughly your garage with the use of a wide push broom. This task is especially essential during and after winter months. This is because de-icing salt are usually brought into the garage, hence, could wear out the concrete through time.

2. Scrub Rust Stains

Rust stains cannot be removed by simply scrubbing your floor. To remove this, you have to mix an ounce of trisodium phosphate with 1-gallon hot water, then pour it into the concrete. Let it sit on the concrete floor for 15-20 minutes, then brush it with a push broom that has rigid bristles. After which, rinse this away with water.

If you want to try a natural solution, pour white vinegar all over the rust stain and scrub it using a tough brush. Rinse this with water after and repeat when needed.

3. Remove Oil Stains

Oil spillages can be a risk for falls and slips. So, it is important that you clean these up immediately so that such accidents will be avoided. Also, so that stain will not form on your floor. In removing oil stains, absorb first the excess oil by sprinkling a kitty litter or sawdust over it. Step on the strain gently to make sure that remaining oil will be soaked up. After doing so, sweep off and dispose the material.

Next, use a concentrated concrete degreaser and let it sit for about 45 minutes to 1 hour on the stain. Use a broom with stern bristles to scrub the floor vigorously before you rinse it with water.

4. Fill in the Cracks

Remove first any loose edges that you will find within the crack before you fill it in. In doing this, you will need a chisel and a hammer. Break the loose materials and then clean the debris with a shop vac. After doing so, use a putty knife to apply epoxy paste to the floor’s crack. Once you have filled up the crack already, scrape off the excess epoxy and smooth out the surface with a towel. Once the paste has dried, sand off the area lightly to achieve a perfect finish.

5. Apply a Concrete Sealer

For an easy garage floor maintenance and to prevent any staining in the future, consider applying a concrete sealer. Know that sealing your concrete floor will improve its appearance and durability. You may visit any nearby hardware store so that you will have detailed information regarding concrete sealers.

It is important that you maintain your garage’s functionality and appearance. So, as a homeowner, you should consider contacting a garage service provider for your garage maintenance. If you do not know any, do not be dismayed because we can help you. Contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and we will send you our best team.

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