Tips in Organizing Your Seasonal Ornaments

How To Pack Holiday Decorations: A Storage Guide |

During holidays, most homeowners give their all in decorating their homes. As a result, some of them are having a difficult time in keeping all of it after holidays. Keep your seasonal ornaments organized inside your garage with the help of these simple storage tips.

String Lights

Shoving your string lights inside a box is very tempting to do as this will do the task easy. However, if you do this, you might have a hard time in detangling the lights the next time you use it. So, for an easy storage, try to repurpose your large power cord holders. Wrap the string lights tidily round it and hang these on the wall of your garage.   

Artificial Christmas Tree

Christmas trees can be bulky and finding a safe storage can be challenging at times. If you have an overhead storage inside your garage, you can just tuck this inside.

See to it that you strap the branches of the tree with an old belt to make its size more manageable. If you have a Christmas tree that has removable layers, store these flatly in a large plastic bin. You need to store it this way so that the Christmas tree will be protected from damage and dirt.


Store your delicate wreaths in a crush-proof container so that it would not be damaged. You can purchase these containers in any hardware stores.

For a budget-friendly option, you can hang the wreath on a clothing hanger and then use a plastic dry-cleaning bag to cover it. For an easy storage, make sure that you secure the bag’s bottom and wrap it around the hanger’s neck.

Inflatable Lawn Ornaments

Some homeowners also love to use huge Christmas characters as these make statements. But know that these can be quite tricky to keep. These ornaments can be an investment so you will want to make sure that you store these properly to avoid stains and rips. Inflatable ornaments must be stored in a dry, cool area – and that is your garage.

After these are deflated, roll up the ornament like how you would keep a tent and store these in a plastic storage bin. For a budget-friendly option, return these ornaments to its own box. But you need to ensure that you will place it off the ground so that water and pests cannot damage it.

With all the seasonal ornaments that you store in your garage, see to it that you protect it from fluctuating weather conditions. Invest on well-insulated and weather-sealed garage doors now so that your garage will be a safe and warm place. For insulation installation and other garage door services, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is the best in town.

After you store your seasonal ornaments inside your garage, see to it that you maintain your garage floor as well. Check out some Tips in Maintaining A Concrete Garage Floor in our next blog.

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