Tips to Achieve a Pest-Free Garage

Ways to Keep Pests Out of Your Garage | Handyman tips

When the temperature starts to drop, squirrels, mice, and other critters will surely look for a warm place to hide from snow. These pests do not only cause garage floor stains and burrowing damages, but they also spread viruses that can harm one’s health.

If you are not fond of using pesticides and traps, then follow these humane tips to achieve a pest-free garage.

1. Seal Openings and Cracks

Inspect your garage for openings where rodents or bugs could enter. Make sure that you prevent these critters from entering through openings or cracks by sealing it.

Drains and Vents – Make sure that the seals of your drains and vents are secured tightly. Doing so could prevent the pests from entering your home.

Weather stripping – Rodents and mice can chew through your garage door’s weather stripping. Examine this thoroughly and if you notice any damage, make sure to contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to schedule for a replacement.

Windows – Aside from ensuring that the windows are closed, inspect the area around the window and its trim for openings too. If you find anything, seal this opening with caulking.

Cooling and Heating Units – Double-check your garage’s air conditioning and heating connections. Make sure that these are sealed tightly. Ensuring this will not only help in keeping your garage pest-free but also helps in protecting these units from damages.

2. Remove Temptations

The most important task in achieving a pest-free garage is to remove its driving forces.

Warmth – Quickly clean your garage by throwing away old insulations, rags, or batting that could offer a comfortable shelter.

Food – Store your household garbage in a tall garbage bin. Make sure that the lid is fitted well so that rodents cannot smell the food.

Protection – Cluttered garages often provide a place to hide for the pests. Store your belongings off the ground or place it in plastic containers so that you could protect it.

Note: Do not store any pet food inside your garage. Store your pet’s food in a plastic container and keep this in the cupboard in your home.

3. DIY Pest Repellents

We all know that pesticides tend to be harmful to our children as well as to our pets. Also, rodent traps are an inhumane way of disposing these unwanted critters.

PETA’s All Natural Pest Repellent – Mix garlic, horseradish, and plenty of cayenne pepper with salad oil. Let the mixture sit for a couple of days. After that, strain and transfer it in a spray bottle. Spray carefully the areas inside your garage where pests enters or hides. Take note that the mixture should not be ingested as this is strong. Also, use it sparingly in narrowed spaces.

Know that a secured and sealed garage door can truly help you keep a pest-free garage. Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company can install and help you find the perfect door for your needs. Call (501) 244-3667 for more information.

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