Tips to Prevent Garage Break Ins

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Do you have a garage that burglars have been dreaming of? Follow some of these tips that we have prepared to keep your home secure and safe.

1. Store your remote safely.

Leaving your remote in your car’s visor is very convenient but you should not do this. Know that this is the place where burglars usually look for the remote to gain access to your garage. So, make sure that you will always bring your remote with you to make sure that it will not be stolen.

2. Do not leave your garage door open unattended.

Most people tend to forget to close their garage doors when they become busy with their errands. It is important that you keep your garage door closed if you are not using it for your safety. Note that an open door will not only welcome unwanted visitors, but it will also give the burglars opportunity to see what is stored inside. So, for you to have a peace of mind, try to install a timer that will give a signal to your garage door opener to close the door after some time.

3. Disable the garage door.

If you will not be home for a long time, make sure that you disconnect your door opener. For a more secure home, be sure to padlock your garage door’s throw latch. Make sure that you follow the instructions in disabling your opener so that you will do it safely. If you cannot do it on your own, call for a garage door expert’s help.

4. Keep up with the preventive maintenance.

Know that preventive maintenance does not only help in reducing your expenses for long-term repairs, but it also ensures that safety of your door. A garage door’s mechanism that is not well-maintained may develop corrosion and could weaken. As a result, burglars could open your garage door easily.

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