Top Exterior Garage Lights You Can Use

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Your home’s curb appeal is very important most especially if you have a plan on selling your home in the future. You must know that one of the factors that can increase your home’s value is to maintain its curb appeal. That is why, a lot of homeowners these days make sure that their landscaping, front yards, even their garages are well-maintained.

Know that even the tiniest appeal that you have in your home can add to your home’s current value. Now, choosing for your garage’s exterior lights is one of the many challenging tasks to do in improving your home. That is why we have compiled a list of the top exterior garage lights you can use.

Carriage Lights

This is the most popular garage lights since then. An exterior carriage garage light brings an old tradition of illuminating stables with lanterns. However, this timeless and classic design gives a garage a wonderful appeal.

The choices that you will have if you opt for this type of garage light are cast iron, bronze, and steel.

Cylindrical Sconces

Sconce lights have various sizes and shapes, but all of these are mounted in a fixed bracket which results to an organized look.


You may be thinking that motion-sensing lights are boring and not fashionable lights. But you are wrong because today, there are a lot of motion-sensing lights that can give great aesthetics to your garage’s exterior.

What’s more is that these lights can help you for security purposes as well since it will light up once it senses movement.

Square Lamps

Is your house too complex and requires an exterior garage light that can offer a modern as well as unfussy look? If yes, then a wall-mounted square lamp is the best type of garage lights you must use.

Having square lamps in your garage can add symmetry and sophistication to your whole house. Moreover, these types of lamps can help you conserve energy as well because it uses LED lighting.

Before you choose your exterior garage lights, make sure that you ask for the experts’ opinions. You must be certain that your garage’s wirings and any electrical components are functioning properly. Ensuring this will help you prevent causing fire in your garage.

Also, you have to make sure that your garage has a strong foundation to mount your lights on. If you need the assistance of a professional in checking your garage, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is the best in town.

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