Types of Garage Door Remote Keys

After you have decided on what type of garage door to have, the next thing that you should consider is the garage door opener key that you will be using. There are a number of types that you can choose from that you will surely love. Take a moment to be acquainted first with the different garage door openers available before you purchase that basic door opener that you are thinking about.

Here are the different types of garage door remote keys that is available in the market.

Keychain Garage Door Opener

Universal Garage Door Remote Keychain - - Amazon.com

Having a keychain opener will offer you an additional layer of security in your garage. This is because when you bring your car keys out, you will also be bringing the door remote with you. Leaving your garage door opener remote inside your car is not safe as thieves will target this.

This type of remote key has multiple options, hence, offering you a custom experience.

Remote Sensor

Wireless Garage Door Opener Remote WiFi Switch Universal Controlled by  Smartphone for Automatic Gate Opener System (with Door Sensor) - -  Amazon.com

With our latest and advanced technology, you can have a remote system that is incorporated with your device. Or you can program your garage door to open following your specifications. For instance, you can set it to automatically open when you are already 80 feet from your house.

Universal Remote Garage Door Opener

Chamberlain Universal Remote Garage Door Opener-KLIK3U - The Home Depot | Garage  door opener remote, Universal garage door remote, Chamberlain garage door

This is probably the most common garage door opener. You can program it easily so that it can connect to any garage door and doing so will not need any upgrades to your wirings. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer this type of opener, hence leaving you a lot of options.  177

Keyless Entry

Craftsman Garage Door Opener Wireless Keyless Entry Pad Programming | Garage  doors, Garage door opener keypad, Chamberlain garage door opener

If you want an easier access even when you’re inside the car or you just don’t want to use a remote, you can opt for a keyless entry pad. With these, you can program your preferred access or temporary codes easily. You easily incorporate this with your existing system, or you can ask for a technician to do it for you.

If you want to learn more about remote options, schedule a consultation with Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. We are more than excited to help you out.

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