Types of Mounted Garage Door Openers

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Spring is the best time for you to replace outdated or worn-out garage component. Whilst installing shelves and painting the walls is an exciting update, know that it is important also to maintain the most important feature of the garage – your garage door opener. Below are the different types of door openers that you may find to fit in your lifestyle and budget.

Screw Drive

This is a low-maintenance type of opener and it is a good option for large or heavy doors. The  lift mechanism of this opener is mounted to the door. This requires less maintenance because it has lesser quantity of working parts. Also, expect that this creates more noise compared to other designs since it contains more horsepower compared to others.

Wall Mount (Jackshaft)

If your garage has vaulted ceilings or you need an additional overhead space, wall mounted openers are the best option. One advantage is that there would be no overhead electrical socket needed since it would be mounted on the wall. Hence, it can easily reach any nearby standard outlet. This type of opener needs a professional’s installation. Also note that using a belt means that it needs regular maintenance.

Direct Drive

This is an alternative to a belt driven opener, but it produces a little more noise and needs lesser maintenance. This can use either DC or AC power, making some models to be quieter compared to others. This needs lesser maintenance compared to a belt drive because it has a stationary chain in its steel rail.  

Belt Drive

This type of garage door opener is using DC power rather than AC. Hence, it is considered as the quietest garage door opener design. This uses a rubber and steel belt. The rubber’s elasticity is helping the opener to run efficiently. However, since it is using rubber, expect that you will need a regular maintenance.

Chain Drive

This type of door opener is using a system comparable to large bicycle chains and it is budget friendly. This opener runs on an AC power and is a good option for homeowners who do not mind a little noise. Also, this needs regular maintenance.

There are surely a number of garage door opener options that you can choose from. But before you purchase one, you should make sure that you consider the horsepower, maintenance, and noise. Note that choosing the right door opener for you will ensure that your garage door will operate optimally. Contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company for further information or for an appointment.

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