Why Faux Wood Garage Doors are Better

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Wood garage doors make your home look stunning, elegant, and strong.  The material that is mostly used in creating a wood garage door is cedar, a gorgeous and heavy-duty kind of wood. However, know that you can still have several options to choose from, which will cost you less, if you really like a wood garage door. For one, you can opt with a faux cedar as this will also result to an elegant wood garage door.

In this article, you will learn the difference between installing a real cedar and a cedar-look garage door.


As you may already know, you are required to maintain real wood doors. So, if you will be hiring somebody to maintain this, you will have to compute for the expense of labor as well as the other costs. But when you purchase for a faux wood garage door, you will be spending less, approx. less than half of what you will be spending on a real wood door. This is because faux wood doors would cost lesser installation and will need minimal maintenance.


Wood is very heavy, which result in wearing out of the motor and some other parts of the door faster compared to having a wood-look door. Purchasing a lightweight steel door will be safe for you as this will not cause damage to the motors sooner. Having this will be safer not only for you but also for your kids and pets.


A regular steel garage door will not need a strict maintenance to keep its aesthetic appearance. But you will still need a regular maintenance for its motor and some parts to keep its good performance. On the other hand, a real wood garage door will need staining every few years. This means that you will have to power wash these doors, make repairs, sanding it, and applying stain. Real wood doors can look dull if its maintenance is neglected especially if it is exposed to various climate change. With its strict maintenance, we can really say that opting for a faux wood door would be easier and convenient.

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